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Curran Publishing Services provides editorial and pre-press services to large and small publishers. It was founded in 1997 by author and publisher Susan Curran, and became a limited company in 1999.

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copy editing * substantive editing * typesetting * proofreading * book design * indexing and project management * The company has particularly extensive experience in academic publishing, public sector publishing and professional and business publishing. Susan is an experienced editor of fiction, and we also work with many small and self-publishers.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT OF PRE-PRESS WORK:  We offer an end-to-end project managed solution for copy-editing, pre-press work and (if required) printing. Our key services are copy-editing, typesetting, proofreading, design, research, authoring, sourcing of tables and illustrations, indexing, print buying and translation. Choose which services you need, and we will provide you with a quote for the work by return.

EDITORIAL SERVICES:  Our experienced team of editors are expert in delivering against deadlines and budgets. We offer authoring and rewriting, copywriting, substantive editing and copy editing (on screen or hard copy).

TYPESETTING:  We offer competitive prices for typesetting straight text and are also very experienced in handling highly formatted material. We use Adobe InDesign for all typesetting. We are happy to provide advice on styles and formats, redrawing of line illustrations and page layout design for books, reports and pamphlets.

INDEXING:  Susan Curran is the production manager of The Indexer, the journal published by the Society of Indexers in the UK on behalf of indexing societies worldwide, and is a very experienced back-of-book indexer.

PROOFREADING:  From brief press releases to complex academic books, it is imperative that all information conveyed is accurate in terms of both content and typography. We proofread both in hard copy and onscreen, providing comments in Adobe Acrobat.

The Team at CPS is:

Susan Curran
Founder and managing director. Author, editor, typesetter and indexer.
Her subject specialisms are history, politics, economics, environment, IT, literature and art.

Paul Simmonds
Director, editor and proofreader.
His subject specialisms are business, film, literature and contemporary culture.

We also have a team of regular freelances whom we call on as necessary.

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